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Qualitative Studies

Service Overview

Depth Interviews: With extensive experience in accompanied shopping, we also recruit in-depth one-on-one interviews across a host of business and consumer sectors. Techniques used include:

  • One-on-ones
  • Paired depths
  • Accompanied shops

Focus group interviews,Mini-Groups,Triads,Dyads: The recruitment of respondents is the essence of the research industry and this fact is evident at a group discussion.Our rich experience in this area and our drive for perfection has acquired us a wide client base. Techniques used include:-

  • Standard Group Discussions (Focus Groups)
  • Peer Group
  • Family Groups
  • Triads
  • Extended Creative Groups
  • Workshops(all day and half day)
  • tasking, product placement groups and recalled groups

Ethnography Approaches : Obtains a deep understanding of human, social and cultural aspects of people

Online In-Depth interviews : Collects the opinions and perceptions of the participants online

Online Focus Group Discussions : Records the opinions and perceptions of members of the group about a particular topic in an virtual discussion room

Website Usability testing : Captures the customer’s attitudes and behavior as they navigate through the website

Mystery Shopping : Evaluates the performance of retail service or gathers specific information about a product


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